The Results are in – Fertilisation?

You may recall this has been my week:

Monday Jan 8th 2018 – Egg collection day. 14 eggs extracted. 7 were to be IVF and 7 ICSI/IMSI

Tuesday Jan 9th 2018 I get a call from the Lab. The conversation goes like this:

Lab: Is that KC?
Me: yes

Lab: I’m calling from the lab can I have your date of birth? is this a good time to call?

Me: yes I have been waiting for this call all morning,

Lab: the results are interesting actually and quite surprising….as you know we collected 14 eggs, however only 12 of them were mature. We used 5 on ICSI and 7 IVF.

Me: yes

Lab: the 5 ICSI ones all died and failed to fertilise I’m very sorry. This was quite unexpected.

Me: OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! how could this be?

Lab: its ok its not all bad news, from your 7 IVF cells we have fertilisation in 3 of them! they are looking good and healthy. They have been placed in the incubator and will stay there. We will call you on Thursday  – which is Day 3 to see how they are going. By that stage we want them to be at least 6-8 cells.

Me: OK wow – 3 that’s ok I’ll take that. thank you so much, and take care of my precious fertilised eggs!

Phew !

Now that was $10,000 well spent (less the rebate).

Wednesday – no update

Thursday – TODAY 11 Jan 2018 – I receive a call from the lab. I couldn’t sleep all night super stressed about my poor little eggs dying in the lab or failing to grow. I only have 3!

The lab says:

“We are pleased to report that all 3 of your fertilised eggs are developing into good embryos. One has 8 cells and the second has 8 cells and the third is bigger than that and is compacting nicely. All is on track for blastocyst on Saturday and we can implant the embryo into the uterus. Now things between now and then can still change. they might not grow or develop into the blastocyst but all signs at this stage are positive.”

she also said “we will keep them in the incubator undisturbed until Saturday. Saturday is your Day 5 embryo transplant. At that stage we want to be seeing fluid in the embryo. We can then decide how many to implant and see if any are suitable for freezing.”

I am so happy! they all survived and my baby plans are back on track. (I do realise that there is still a long way to go – but let me enjoy the moment of wondering what could be). YAY! a great day!

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