The Long Awaited update…

So its been 3 years since I last posted, and 6 years since I first started my ‘hunting for a husband’ blog.

So here is a very short recap of where things are up to in my life:


I am still working as a divorce lawyer and continue to be a Partner of the firm. I love my job and enjoy leading a team of 4 divorce lawyers in my practice.


I am not married and have no children. My dog Merlin and I continue to be besties.


On 7 January 2016 I went on a first date with a guy I met on the online dating site RSVP. His name was Nathan. His online profile made him sound like a ‘nice normal Aussie guy’. He worked in IT was 4 years older than me. Never married. No Kids. We emailed a few times and had our first date in a little bar/cafe in Crows Nest. The date went well and he impressed me enough to warrant a second date. We had a lot in common and he was sweet, funny and kind. The second date was a movie (Star Wars – The force awakens) we had both already seen it however we wanted to watch it again in Gold Class. Anyhoo fast forward 23 months and Nathan and I are still together!


As a wealthy single divorce lawyer I am very conscious of Nathan being able to make a claim on my assets and income should our relationship not work out so we don’t live together yet. He has his own place and I have mine. If we do live together as de facto couple then we will have a Binding Financial Agreement so my assets are protected in case it doesn’t work out. Before we live together though we have decided to have a baby together…. unusual set of facts I know…


Nathan and I have been trying for a year to fall pregnant but without any luck. When I turned 39 we decided IVF was the way forward.


This last week I have started IVF, I must admit I wasn’t really prepared for the intensity of the program. Let me explain what has happened so far:

  1. I met with my fertility doctor who took a lot of blood to test (8 viles! from me and 3 from Nathan). Nathan also gave a sperm sample for testing.
  2. I had an ultrasound so they could see the egg follicles and test my tubes to see if there are any obstructions (that was all fine);
  3. I met with our fertility doctor to review all of the results and discuss options. My doctor gave some pretty confronting statistics about the success rates of falling pregnant between the ages of 35- 40 (50% chance of falling pregnant) and 40-45 (18%).
  4. Nathan and I decided to proceed with IVF because I had just turned 39 years old and Nathan was 43. I agreed to fund the entire thing and I wanted to start immediately. The Nurse at the clinic showed us with samples the injections I would need to take.
  5. I was told to wait for day 1 of my next period and then call the Nurse who will ‘chart’ my program. I did that and was ordered to come in for a blood test in a few days and to collect my medications.
  6. I collected my 3 cooler bag of goodies/ meds on Tuesday 5 December 2017 from IVF Australia clinic.
  7. I was told to start taking a dose of 200 of Gonal every evening at the same time each evening and thenĀ  come in for a blood test in 3 days time.
  8. That night Nathan and I set up the meds and I tried to gather the courage to give myself the injection, however I just couldn’t do it. Needles are yucky and I just freaked out with the idea of stabbing myself with that needle. Nathan stepped up and did the injection for me.
  9. Every night Nathan gives me the Gonal injection.
  10. On Friday 8 December 2017 I had my second blood test and was ordered to start the second needle of Cetrotide. This time you had to mix the medicine so the powder dissolves into the syringe. Double Yucky. Nathan once again becomes my nurse and does the injections for me.
  11. Monday 11 December will be my ultrasound and another blood test. I have a big day in court then so I am hoping that I can get in and out of the clinic promptly so I am not late. So far I haven’t had any side effects to the meds, lucky me.

Nathan and I are having some pretty intense conversations about embryos and parenting. I think it is bringing us closer together as a couple. I hope our first IVF journey is successful because frankly the process is painful, inconvenient, expensive, time consuming and a real pain in the gut (literally and several times a night).

My objective is to stay positive!