The Latest

I have been very lazy with updating the blog after ‘the Hunt’ ended.

Given the number of emails I have received it seems that people are curious as to what is happening in KC world. Here is a quick re-cap. Blog ended 30 June 2013, since then I  have dated 3 new men and one guy from the past is back in the scene…

GUY 52: Date #1

Guy 52 I met on RSVP, he had a super cute picture and we had fun chatting online.

We had one date at a Thai place in Dee Why. When I saw him I was disappointed he looked way too old – the years had not been kind. I was annoyed that the date was a meal, now I had to sit through dinner with him. This was around 3 months ago. I cannot remember the conversation (probably because I wasn’t listening). After the meal, he walked me to my car and that was it.

He messaged me afterward and in true KC style I ignored him and like any pest he went away.

GUY 53: Date #1

Guy 53 had 4 dates. One night on the drink I told him about the blog, he read it and made me promise not to blog him. So there you go – I can’t blog it [bummer too because that is a Hot story]. We are friends now and we chat on WhatsApp and facebook now and then so I can’t blog about him in case he checks the site again. He would be an ideal FWB situation if it wasn’t for one big problem with him (but I can’t blog that either humph!).

GUY 54 – will get a date two so I will blog the date properly in my next installment and I will tell you about the boy from the past who is back on the scene – any guesses? I’ll give you multiple choice:

1. The German;

2. Mitch (the poker guy – remember the hotel room incident?);

3. Zac (the former FWB who has those 2 kids); or

4. Jimmy (the lawyer from the Shire).

More later,


p.s am hating this caps font – will change it once I figure out how…! I miss my old site!