With all that dating (51 first dates in 2 years)  I figure I should tell you what I know about where and how to meet Men.

men and wwThe Dating Agency

Sounds good in theory, you pay someone to do the hunt for you. In practice though, they are overpriced and a scam. If you don’t believe me then read about my experience with It’s Just Lunch in my Archives.

Online Dating:

Consider what you want, a casual hook up or a relationship.

I have been on heaps of dating sites and all resulted in dates:

Oasis,, RSVP, EHarmony, zoosk,okcupid, plentyoffish and girlsdatefree.

The relationship sites are RSVP and Eharmony in my opinion. The rest are for casual hookups.

Speed dating

Love it! am a big believer in speed dating. It is fun and you get to meet a lot of great single people. The down side is that you may really like someone and yet they say no to you. Rejection bites.

Singles Nights

If you are dateless and shy about getting online then the singles night is for you. Lots of singles all in one place looking to hook up.

I am picky and superficial so my success so far with singles nights hasn’t been great, but don’t underestimate the power of alcohol and a LBD!

The Set up

They say the best way to meet new people is through someone in your social circle. If you have such a circle use it!

The Pick Up

You can always go to a Pub/bar/club and meet random people and give out your number. You know like when you did when you were in your twenties. Funski but also dangerous as you never really know if they will call or if they are 100% single.