Sometimes they come back….

I went to the Casino on Sunday to play some craps and poker. I texted Mitch to see if he was there, turns out I missed him by a few hours. This is the message he sent me:

Oh Damn – I was there until 4 and left – I would love to catch up prior to Christmas – I wil be there tomorrow night for the tourney and then prob next weekend- hope you are well Xxx”

So Monday night I went to play the tourney. I was knocked out first and went to play a cash game. I saw Mitch arrive late he was playing at a different table. In the break he found me in the poker pit and gave me a cheek-kiss hello. I told him about my trip to Las Vegas (I leave in 8 days WooHoo!). He is super jelly! we discuss other plans for the week, I ask him about his birthday (which I only remember from the blog entry last year where I said it was his birthday) and he was impressed I remembered. We talk about the Aussie Millions poker tourney in Jan. I tell him that I have decided to play the opening event and I will be headed to Melbourne for the Aust day long weekend. He said he would ‘love’ to come along. I said “It’s a date!”. The Aussie Millions Poker tourney is like the World Series of Poker for Aussies. Very Cool. I’ve never competed before but in 2014 I’m going to be there (with or without Mitch).

I go back to my cash game and after about an hour I get a message from Mitch saying this:

“OMG – I just left and realised I did not say goodbye – lets try and catch up on the weekend and definitley lock in Melbourne”.

At first I was offended that he could forget me so easily, but I understand sometimes when I get knocked out and lose a big hand I leave the Caz and then realise I forgot to cash in my chips or get my parking validated.

I was very excited about the mention of a possible ‘catch up’ this weekend! Does Catch-Up mean “date” or a rendezvous at the Caz? hmmm not sure. I was also pleased that he confirmed Melb is on! Super! That’s only like 6 weeks away.

The thing about Mitch is that he has a habit of disappointing me I can think of 3 recent examples:

1. He was supposed to come to my place last Dec (he cancelled because his daughter was sick);

2. We were supposed to hook up after my Vegas trip last year but then he sent me that break up text remember? I was so cool about it to him but in truth I was devestated.

3. I arranged that hotel room after the ANZPT and he choked (that was a bittersweet day).

Let’s just say that I am not holding my breath that there will be a date on the weekend or that we will finally shag in Melb!

The thing about Mitch is – I REALLY LIKE HIM and let’s face it – I don’t really ever like anybody. Even  though Mitch doesn’t really meet my criteria (those kids! the Shire! he is 10 years older!) I don’t care. He has SuperMan qualities.

At this point in my life – if we had a drunken night on the town and he said let’s elope in Vegas I’d probably do it!

wedding pic