Singles Night at the Caz

I went along to the Casino with my sister and 2 friends. We stayed at the Caz too just to make a night of it. We all dressed up and headed into the fancy arena where they were holding the event. We had to wait in line before we were able to go in. Once we were inside we took a cute photo in the ‘photo booth’ and we each had our freebie drink. After that the night went downhill because it was a series of waiting and lining up.

You want to visit the massage area? Great wait in the Line.

You want to learn to play black jack? Wait in Line!

You want another drink? Join the Largest Line of all!

What about the speed dating? LINE and it was all women in the damn line.

The tarot card reader looks like fun…oh wait is that the Line??

That was the entire night.

On top of all that waiting around, the venue was full of women there was 85% women and 15% men and the Men were all in the drinks-line! SO I was soon thinking I’d rather be gambling then hangin’ out here. I headed over to the poker tables and joined the girls in the hotel room later.

This event was a bust.