Guy 45 is back

For those of you who don’t know the back-story on Guy 45 I suggest you go the archives and take a look at Guy 45.

Feedback from my blog was that it’s confusing keeping track of who is who – so I have created a doodle of Mitch:

The Backstory….

Generally I am not a forgiving person, in fact it takes a hell of a lot for me to forgive and put someone back in my phone contacts.

As my work schedule began to get more hectic I found myself in Court every Monday for around 6 weeks. Whenever I have a day in Court and it finishes after 3.00pm I allow myself to take the rest of the day off. This means that I treat myself to a trip to the Caz, to compete in the Monday Tourney. After all the Caz is so close to the Family Court…

You know who plays that Tourney right? Mitch. I figured I might see him but I didn’t care… we hadn’t spoken in months (sometimes when I saw him playing I would avoid the poker pit and would go play roulette or craps instead, other times I just ignored him). One day when I was playing in that Monday tourney he was given a seat next to me. So we started to talk and catch up and  things went to back to a friendship. I started to see him every Monday after that and he would give me a cheek-kiss hello and we would make small talk. I thought nothing of it. I mentioned to him that my birthday was approaching and my plans to play in the Summer Series poker tournament. [My Annual Birthday Melbourne Extravaganza was being postponed this year because my sister JoJo and I are headed to Las Vegas over the Summer instead].

On my actual birthday 2 weeks ago –  I had planned to go and watch the Hunger Games movie with my sister and then I was giving myself a $1000 to blow at the Casino. That morning the first message I get wishing me a happy birthday was from Mitch – I didn’t even have his number anymore I deleted it after that hotel room incident – the message said something like [I have since erased it]:
“Happy Birthday KC. Have a great day, if you are coming into the poker office later I’ll buy you a drink. Take Care. Mitch xx”

I am not one to turn down an invitation to gamble… so I went to the Caz and started to drink! lots! I played poker for a few hours with Mitch and he was keen for me to show hims how to play craps. So we went to the craps tables and for the next 5 hours or so we played craps and the table was hot! We drank lots and as time went by things got a little affectionate…that kissing was still amazing. I wasn’t sure if it was a one time thing or if it was something more – but I have learnt from past mistakes – keep it light KC.

After the gambling he walked me to my car and then I drove him to his car – I remember the song that was playing in my car whilst we were playing – and now it is unoffically ‘our song’. I’m a little embarrassed by it  – Color Me Badd (I Wanna Sex You Up)! I bet he didn’t even notice the song that was on, how sentimental of me..

Since that night Mitch has sent me a few text messages and we have met up at the Caz a few times. He told me he is on RSVP. I checked out his profile for sh*ts and giggles and noticed he says some of my pet hates on there like “I love to laugh” and “I don’t take myself too seriously”  somebody save me from that clichéd drivel.

So we have hooked up with our second-base shananigans about 3 times over the last 4 weeks.

The one good thing about this blog, is that I was able to go back and read what happened as my memory was kind of blurry after the hotel room thing. I read back over the entries and I became mad at him all over again. I had completely forgotton about that break up text. Mitch has disappointed me many times over the years – why do I keep giving him more chances? What is it that he wants? Fun? I’m not sure… if he wants to hook up with me he is going to have to put in more effort …… In a moment of madness I erased all of his messages and changed his name in my phone from “Mitch” to “Mixed Messages Mitch”. To give me a heads up that I need to be careful with him, otherwise I will be disappointed yet again.