A Second IVF Cycle

After our horrible first cycle – with no fertilisation of my eggs we decided to do another round of IVF.

I was keen to jump right in and do another cycle. Back-to-Back cycles are not ideal but since the first once didn’t actually complete the full cycle I felt that I had to try again. Also January is a quiet time of year for me and the injections would be tolerable when I had time off in Jan during the firms Christmas closure.

I started the Injections as I had before with the regular ultrasounds and blood tests. Nathan produced 3 different sperm samples to be frozen in case we needed it (and having back ups is a good idea – last time all we had was a batch of dodge frozen stuff).

On Monday 8 January 2018 I was ready for my egg collection procedure. This time careful planning. I said to Nathan I would get an Uber so he need not worry about giving me a lift and he has ONE job to do – THE FRESH SAMPLE and I had FAITH in him.

I headed off to the clinic that morning super stressed that Nathan may not deliver and my poor eggs would have to work with the frozen stuff. After I had been in the waiting room for about 5 minutes I get a message from Nathan on my whatsapp “honey get to the clinic we have a fresh sample!!!”

I was ecstatic ! and felt a huge wave of relief…. the part I couldn’t control had worked out ok.

Nathan soon joined me and we sat together waiting for the doctor to come and take me in for the egg collection procedure.

The next thing I know I woke up feeling very groggy and I looked at┬ámy hand to see “14” written on there. 14 eggs! Great!

In the next moment I hear from the bed next to me a giant Whale of a Cry “ARGH!” she was sobbing uncontrollably … I wondered what had happened to cause such a reaction maybe she was in pain. About 3 nurses and staff all rush to her bedside and they close the curtain so I cant see anything (but I can still hear her!). She starts sobbing:

“I got 7! 7! a boo hoo hoo 7! I can’t believe it”



the staff were saying “7 is a good number madam.”

She said: “I know I am overjoyed. You don’t understand this is my 5th and final cycle I can’t afford to do any more. The first cycle I had 3 eggs, then 5, then 3, and last time 4 eggs. 7 is wonderful… a boo hoo hoo!”

She was crying tears of happiness all of a sudden my 14 eggs felt like 50.

Nathan soon joined me in the recovery room and the doctor met us and said things went well and he was going to divide the 14 eggs:

  1. 7 with IVF
  2. 7 with IMSI (where they look at the sperm under a microscope and select the best ones to inject into the egg) similar to the ICSI process he did the first round.

I would get a call the next day with the results. I was so scared that none of my eggs would fertilise again and Nathan and I would remain childless.

I hate Waiting!